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How can Coaching benefit you?

Working with a coach is a great way to develop new insights, create self awareness and gain clarity to develop new tools and approaches in order to move forward with whatever dreams or  goals  you may have.


  • Do you want to bring to life a personal project, dream or goal?  

  • Are you looking for purpose, clarity or a new direction?

  • Do you have the desire for something new but unsure where to start?

  • Would you like to improve on personal or professional relationships?

  • Are you unhappy with your current work situation or dreaming of a new career or business?  

  • Are you feeling burnt out or tired and in need of change?

How can I support you!






  • Clarify, establish and reach your goals

  • Activate Change

  • Improve relationships

  • Overcome obstacles

  • Change your life




I can help you:

Working with a coach is the first step on the journey towards change.

The Road to Success

For coaching to truly work, you need to be willing to make a commitment to yourself, the coaching journey and to be accountable for achieving your goals.


We will go on a “journey” together. We will work on defining and clarifying your true desires, ambitions and hopes whether they be personal or career oriented. I will support you in setting and achieving your personal or professional goals in a safe environment.

On this searching journey we might work with your purpose, values, passions, feelings and we might also encounter some challenges, blocks, believe systems, resistance etc, we will work through these together, addressing all of your behaviour (unconscious and conscious), patterns and beliefs so that you can unlock your highest potential.

How does Coaching Work?


I specialise in Transpersonal Coaching, a method of transformational coaching that employs a wide range of techniques focusing on your own resources and strengths to create change and move forward.


Unlike therapy we don’t look to the past we look to the future! By addressing unconscious behaviour, patterns and beliefs this kind of coaching is effective and ensures lasting results.

A unique Way of Coaching

Meet your Coach

Bara Koumarova is a qualified transpersonal coach.


She accompanies her clients on the journey to transformation through uniquely tailored coaching methodologies and specialises in working with individuals in periods of transition in particular women looking for new beginnings.


Bara is fluent in Czech, Spanish and English and can offer coaching in any of those languages.

Her passion for helping people has led her to work internationally with not-for-profit organizations with a focus on social justice and community development.


Master’s Degree in Social Economics at Johannes Kepler University Linz / Diploma in Transpersonal Coaching from Nature Care College Sydney / Advanced training at the Institute of Transpersonal Coaching Sydney /Foundation Course of Art therapy from the Metafora Institute in Barcelona


Meet your coach


 “Bara is a great coach. Her warm approach, patience and guidance allowed me to process and articulate emotions and thoughts. It was an unexpected self discovery journey that opened my mind and heart across many levels. Thank you!”



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