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Our last Retreat



"The ‘Creative Journey’ Retreat with Carlos and Bara was a most insightful and transforming experience. I highly recommend the retreat to anyone who wants to explore their creativity in depth and explore the simplicity of letting creativity flow through once we "resttocreate". It was a magical weekend in the mountains with amazing food, beautiful people, no technology and lots of heartfelt connections and moments of insight and transformation. " 


"What a special weekend it was to spend with Bara and Carlos - it was perfect in every way, the food, location and accomodation, company, art and creative activities they are super sweet humble and delightful to be with - I will certainly love to go again."


Photos from "Rest to Create Journey"

Retreat Facilitarors

Bara Koumarova

Transformational Coach

Founder of Rest to Create

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Carlos Agamez

Artist with focus on 

performance and instalations

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