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We create a beautiful and safe environment for you to Rest and Create

Each year we organise several “Eco” and “Luxury” retreats in Australia and internationally.

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At Rest to Create we specialise in unique intimate women’s only retreats that embody our philosophy. These retreats create an opportunity to remove yourself from your everyday environment, and stress in order to gain perspective and focus on your personal growth and self-development.

 Designed to participate at your own pace, we create a nurturing space for self-development and growth. We support you through workshops, group activities and one on one coaching to help you to slow down, rest, discover your full potential and regain focus on your goals. 



“The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.”

Jim Goodwin 

Retreats & Packages

  • Healthy vegetarian Food

  • Self-discovery and self-development Workshops

  • Creative and Art therapeutical approaches to self-development

  • Gentle Yoga or Pilates

  • Meditation and Mindfulness

  • Sound Healing

  • Self-Care Time (massages, excursions, cooking classes)

  • Your own time to relax 

(Our retreats are limited to a maximum 10 – 12 people. )

We offer both weekend and extended 8 day retreats that include:

Accommodation in an inspiring and restful environment to encourage quiet time, self-reflection and focus.


“Even if you don't feel like you're artistically inclined Bara's workshops have a way to include everyone mixing her own creative flair with familiar conscious practices. You'll find yourself on an interesting, fun, reflective, honest, both individual and collaborative path of self discovery. Trust in the process, open yourself up, and the rest will follow!”


Upcoming Retreat

Photos from our last Eco Retreat - Blue Mountains -Bilpin

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