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Why to do a Workshop?




We offer various workshops for women catering to different needs and interests (max. 12 people per workshop). Being in a small group allows you to work creatively, share, inspire and be inspired by others.


Through our workshops we create a sense of community where women support each other. Workshops are a great way for you to develop insights, self awareness and access keys to gaining a greater sense of control and direction in your life.

Empowering Women with Courage to Create

“Rest To Create” workshops are designed to create a safe space for women in order for them to find the courage to create their own pathways and bring their visions to life. Our workshops focus on self-discovery and personal self-development.


 “Bara has a warm, kind and welcoming energy that always shines through in her workshops. I love the safe space for reconnecting and sharing what these workshops offer. These workshops create a beautiful environment to look inwards and find the answers that are already within but that you are not always consciously aware of.”




In this workshop we address some fundamental identity questions and use creative resources to workshop answers and implement change.

Using creative skills in this workshop we focus on the power of visuals. We use different tools to create Vision Boards to envisage and  to create your own unique Future.


We then  map steps towards making  our vision a reality in a practical and realistic way. 

Self Discovery Workshop


This empowering workshop will allow you to reflect on your life journey, changes and transformations so far.

In this workshop, you will be starring as your own heroine as you move through your rite of passage and have the possibility to reflect upon a significant moment in life where you were called to an adventure or had a difficult moment, were tested and challenged, met allies, obstacles, mentors and gifts and then had to find a way to integrate the adventure in your daily life.


The Heroine’s Journey is about “rewriting” your own story and  gaining important insights to change your future.

The Heroine’s Journey


What a great afternoon spent with a gorgeous group of women, hosted by Bara and Cherie.

 It was refreshing, meditative and peaceful. The atmosphere created by Bara and Cherie was relaxed and welcoming with lots of space to share personal stories and wishes.The overall afternoon was well paced and thought out; not only were we to create our own personal vision boards but we were also prompted with exercises to help aid us in achieving these goals.”


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